Urban Hero Award

Written by Kuaji Hill

January 11, 2021

The Urban Super Hero Award of 2018 was awarded to Jimmy Neal along with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Jimmy was joined on stage by The following Honorees who also received the Urban Super Hero Award (USHA) and were presented with a Congressional Accommodation Certificate from the US Honorable Congresswoman Barbara Lee in recognition of their extraordinary community service!

2018 USHA Honorees: Jimmy Neal (International Philanthropist), Mayor Willie Brown (Former Speaker of CA State Assembly & 41st Mayor of SF), George Lucas (Filmmaker & Entrepreneur), Dave Kaval (President of Oakland A’s), Margaret Jackson (SV SBDC Lead Advisor, Silicon Valley Business District Radio Host, Public & Corporate Lecturer), Anthony Melikhov (International Philanthropist), Hattie Carwell (Former US Department of Energy & International Atomic Energy Agency Nuclear Scientist)

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