Six-Week Science Summer Program TSFF

GME and the Richmond Police Activities League serve the community.  Jimmy Neal and Chevron Corporation Technical Team Leader, Francisco Lopez Linares were judges for the science presentation by Richmond students of the TFSF Science Program. Richmond Police...


GME Supports STEM

Founder and CEO Jimmy Neal Supports The STEM Future Foundation -  Summer Science Program The 2019 Science Summer Program,- "We All Win With STEM" Competition Day was held June 4th  at Cherrywood Elementary School in San Jose.  Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire,...

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Grail the Game

Upcoming MLB joins with  GME and The Future STEM Foundation to advance the science of youth sports! MLB Legends: Far right: Ty Waller-Chicago Cubs; and Business Consultant Lawyer-Frank Taboada, Jimmy Neal-GME, Shooty Babbit- Oakland A's  and  Oakland A's...