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Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire

About Jimmy Neal

Real estate expert, successful entrepreneur, community organizer, and doting father. These are a few of the many portrayals of Jimmy Dean Neal who is the owner and founder of the popular community business, Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire (GME).  The business took root as Mr. Neal wanted to have a positive approach to expressing his life long dream – giving opportunities to those looking for a chance at education and living a successful life.

Creating GME was the method in which people from diverse backgrounds, religious creeds and economic status would come together and find common ground through his idea of a super-hero motor bike – “Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire”.  The creative design for the motorbike was created by Jimmy D. Neal.  The wings on the handlebars signifies, an angel who protects and looks after us all. The writing inside the “G” is significant because it reads –“for the greater good” adopted here to mean for the benefit of the public, of more people than oneself. It also means to work hard and to be willing to make sacrifices in order to become successful. Such is the example that Mr. Neal has set in motion.  He lives by the biblical verse, “All things are possible if you believe”.

He has successfully motivated hundreds of people to reach their dreams through this positive motivation; and he has been a recipient and a living example of practicing this verse.

Jimmy Neal

Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

Mr. Neal developed the concept to have an annual turkey drive for the DeFremery Community in West Oakland.

GME Annual Turkey Drive

Defremery Park in West Oakland, is the location of the Godfather Motorbike Extraordinary Annual Turkey Drive.

Turkey Drive West Oakland

Left to Right: Supervisor Nate Miley, City of Oakland Rep Sheng Thao, Jimmy Neal, Mercedes Neal and Thomas Gary setting up to hand out turkey bags with all the trimmings.

Juneteenth - Black Cowboys

Jimmy Neal and Bay Area Black Cowboys celebrate Juneteenth at the West Oakland Youth Center.

Juneteenth Celebration

GME raffled off bikes and toys, t-shirts and GME brand tennis shoes.

Founder and CEO Jimmy Neal Supports The STEM Future Foundation 2019 Summer Science Program

The 2019 Science Summer Program,- “We All Win With STEM” Competition Day was held June 4th  at Cherrywood Elementary School in San Jose. 

Founder and CEO Jimmy Neal Supports The STEM Future Foundation 2019 Summer Science Program

The 2019 Science Summer Program,- “We All Win With STEM” Competition Day was held June 4th  at Cherrywood Elementary School in San Jose. 

Jimmy Neal and Baseball Legends

L-R:  Jimmy Neal, Nat Oliver,- Los Angeles  Dodgers; Tye Waller- Oakland A’s; Rickey Henderson, Hall of Famer and Oakland A’s ; Shooty Babbit- Oakland A’s; Mike Norris,- Oakland A’s and Dusty Baker, SF Giants.

Jazz Musician George Duke

Jimmy Neal and Oakland A's Baseball legend Rickey Henderson

Peace Parade of West Oakland

Jimmy Neal is Grand Marshall to the Peace Parade that celebrated the Spirit of the Community Project.  Golden Gate Recreation center is one of 23 parks designated as a drug-free, environment that supports positive family activities.

Jimmy Neal as the Grand Marshall

Jimmy Neal as the Grand Marshall for the Golden Gate Recreation Center and the Peace Parade for West Oakland, CA.

Jimmy Neal with Suga-T

Jimmy Neal supports Suga-T and her sugarushmovement.

Far West Student - Jimmy Neal

Far West Student receives certificate from Jimmy Neal.

GME - Hurricane Relief for Dominica

GME sent supplies to the island of Dominica after the category 5 Hurricane hit in 2017.

Dominica Extraordinary Kids

In 2017, Hurricane Maria hit the island of Dominica as a category 5 disaster.  GME pitched in to help the survivors with food, toiletries, tools and school supplies for the children.

Kings and Queens of Elegance Event

Community leaders were awarded for their dedication and support to the community.

Dr Watson, Principal Marie Turner and Jimmy Dean Neal.

2019 Brilliant Minds Award

Jimmy Neal Receives the 2019 Brilliant Minds Award for Juneteeth from Barbara Howard, Community Activist, West Oakland Youth Center

Jimmy Neal-Juneteeth

GME raffled off bikes, toys, t-shirts and the GME brand name shoes.

GME on Juneteenth

Barbara Howard, Community organizer receives the Godfather Motorbike Extraordinary Achievement trophy.

West Coast Hip Hop Awards

Jimmy Neal, Suga-T and MC Hammer  support each other at the awards program.

Golden Gate Recreation Center

Golden Gate Recreation Center Staff recognized by GME

Youth Recognition Event

Youth Recognition Event at the Oakland Raiders Headquarters

Youth Recognition Event - 2

Youth Recognition Event at the Raiders Headquarters

A Summer Celebration

Jimmy Neal recognizes Golden Gate Recreation staff

Golden Gate Rec Center staff

Recognizes Golden Gate Rec Center staff

Golden Gate Rec Center staff recognized

Urban Hero Award Ceremony

 l-r: Vida Blue, six Time MVP All Star MLB for Oakland A’s, Susan Brown (daughter of Mayor Willie Brown accepting on his behalf), Margaret Jackson, Silicon Valley Business District Radio Host, Public & Corporate Lecturer, Jimmy Neal, Owner and Founder of GME, Philanthropist Dr. Ashanti Johnson, Key Note Speaker and Director of MSPHDS in Earth System Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring; received Presidential award from President Obama and Anthony Melikhov, International Philanthropist

Urban Hero Award

Jimmy Neal speaks and accepts his award

Urban Super Hero Award

Awarded to Jimmy Neal at the Urban Super Hero Award Ceremony in Oakland, Ca

What We Do:

GME partners with professional sports teams, businesses, educators, and communities of faith to support, encourage, and inspire young people to pursue their dreams, achieve their goals, and create meaningful and happy lives. We also provide educational and job opportunities.

Our first book, “Fables of the Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire” was created to give people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and localities an opportunity for self-expression.

Our Mission

Encourage, Inspire, Restore Faith

Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire (GME) is an international philanthropic corporation that donates 100% of their proceeds to support underserved children and uplift under-resourced communities around the world.

We were founded on the belief that everyone deserves encouragement and inspiration. During hard times, we strive to keep optimism as a guide to keep moving our dreams forward. We believe that if we put God first and have faith in each other all things are possible if you believe.

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