My name is Alvin Fields. Back in 2009, I received an award from Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire at the Oakland Raiders Headquarters in Alameda, CA. The award was given to outstanding students in different schools and different levels of education.
For me, it was a great honor to be given this award at the headquarters of my hometown and childhood favorite team. When you’re awarded anything in life, it means someone has acknowledged your efforts in the hard work that you have put into something. That was how I felt when receiving the award.
Mr. Neal has always been a role model looking out for me as I grew from a kid, to a young adult, and now into a man.

Always checking in to see how I was doing and making sure I was on a path that had the best intentions for me to do well. Today, many African American males have it rough with many obstacles in the path of doing simple tasks such as trying to live. With many of our fathers and positive male figures either incarcerated or dead, Mr. Neal’s ability to be a pillar of strength in many of our lives gives us a bar to shoot for and goals to achieve.

I am currently working for the Port of SF/Oak and am working hard to hone my skill and master my craft. I am a blessed man and I am grateful for people like Mr. Neal who showed support to me as I grew up to become the man I am now.