As a young man growing up, I was always very active in sports; so, I was use to getting awards and things of that nature. So, the day I was asked to go to the Raiders camp and receive an award for sportsmanship, I just thought of it as me receiving another award for what I loved to do.

The day I arrived at the training camp and saw all the other kids and the big cameras and lights, and everyone dressed nice, I felt like it was more than just a regular award ceremony with my name typed on a piece of paper. I remember the man who hosted the ceremony giving a long speech, and at my young age, I never payed attention to any speeches; but for some reason, the things he was saying really grabbed my attention as a young athlete. He spoke about all the hard work and dedication and time that went into doing extracurricular activities kids like me and across the world do. I’m not gonna lie, I felt kind of special, and from that point on, every piece of paper labeled as an award with my name on it made me feel more special than it ever did.