I work with foster care and at-risk youth in my company – Mario B Modeling Productions. I met Jim at Foothill Square in Oakland, CA where there was a local community event going on. I approached Pastor Neal with my DVD. On that DVD, was information about my modeling program which highlighted young models looking for a career opportunity and how my program would give them this type of exposure. He was very interested in what I was doing and in fact, showed more interest and support in my students’ success than anyone else I had been working with to advance my modeling agency. He donated money for transportation, food for events, accessories for the models and whatever we needed to make the program or event a success. Pastor Neal wrapped his arms around our dreams and efforts with unbelievable encouragement. He believed in the program. He believed in the vision.
I have an annual Black History program featuring cultural fashions of the 60’s, and 70’s: called “Rock the Runway”; the fashion show premise was twofold: it provided fun and education through fashion that teaches history lessons of those exciting and turbulent times in the united states. Jimmy once again, supported the program more than anyone else; and he has supported my modeling agency ever since. At a time when I felt alone on my journey, I am so honored that he saw the vision. Pastor Neal’s support pulled me toward the potential of a great modeling agency which my start-up business has become. Because of his inspiration and consistent support, I was allowed the advantage of traveling to Florida, which helped me to expand my agency to 1500 shows in the bay area and to be internationally recognized.
Now, my vision for international exposure all over the world has come true; and through my modeling program, I have introduced confidence and self-love to thousands of young people, enhancing personal development to personal transformation for a brighter future for all who were interested. I thank Pastor Neal for seeing my vision when no one else did and experiencing how his words were put into action.